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October to December 2021

Visit participating businesses throughout Niagara's South Coast to collect your stamps.


  1. You can pick up a new explore pass at any participating business or download and print one here.

  2. When you visit a participating business and spend a minimum of $10, you will receive one stamp from the merchant at the time of purchase.

  3. Once your explore pass is full with six stamps, you must fill in your contact information at the back of the pass. You will then submit it to one of four drop-off locations or via email. If you choose to submit via email, use your smartphone to take a picture of the pass and include this picture as an attachment.

  4. A full explore pass must be submitted on Tuesday of every week to be eligible for the weekly draw. Visit Niagara’s South Coast on social media for notification of weekly prize winners.


  1. A minimum purchase of $10 at a participating business is required to receive a stamp. This amount cannot be applied to the monetary amounts on gift cards or certificates or combined with any existing offers, deals or discounts.

  2. A full explore pass is made up of six stamps and must have a minimum of two stamps from at least two distinct municipalities. For example, two stamps from Fort Erie and two from Welland and one from Wainfleet and Port Colborne is a complete pass.

  3. Eligibility is open to residents of any one of Niagara’s 12 municipalities.

  4. One full explore pass per person is eligible for the weekly draw. To be eligible for future weekly draws, a new pass must be started, filled and submitted. A submission of no more than two separate passes for one person may be accepted. Couples, pairs or partners who wish to combine and submit two separate passes may be accepted as well.
Download Explore Pass
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Drop-off your pass at any one of these four locations to enter into the weekly prize draw.

Welland Community Wellness Complex


Welland Community
Wellness Complex
145 Lincoln St. 
Welland, ON L3B 6E1

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If I spend a minimum of $10 at the same business on two or more separate occasions, can I receive a new stamp each time? Yes, you can.

If I purchase a gift card or certificate, will I still receive a stamp? Yes, the purchase of a gift card or certificate is eligible to receive a stamp.

If I purchase something that is on sale or at a discount, will I still receive a stamp? No, only the purchase of regular price products or services is eligible to receive a stamp.

Can I fill my explore pass with six stamps from just one municipality? No, your pass must have at least two stamps from two different municipalities.

What happens if I submit my explore pass after the weekly deadline on Tuesday? Your submission will not be eligible for that week’s draw and instead will be eligible for the following week’s draw.